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Grow or die is a phrase often used but driving extraordinary results is more than simple growth it is about creating inflection points where the future is better than the past.

Go BIG or go home …
At tg-xl.ltd we are all about bigger!!

We have advised, worked on and in companies from start-up and pre-revenue to some of the largest corporates in the world. We have international experience from Australia and Asia to the Americas and EMEA.

Whether your challenge is digital transformation or product development, is sales enablement or operational execution, is strategic or go-to-market in nature we have a wealth of experience that can help you create a better tomorrow for your business.

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Scale up Business Advisors
Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

Tim has led and inspired some of the largest IT organizations internationally. Focused on helping customers transform their businesses, he has dedicated his career to enable them to spend less time worrying about managing the day-to-day business, and more time concentrating on what is important: growing their business.Connect with Tim ...

About Us

Our Principal and Founder, Tim Griffin – is an experienced international executive with a breadth of expertise across multiple functional areas and a host of industries, he has a deep understanding of SME’s, having serviced them for many years on a global basis - and has an enormous passion for growth and winning.

Incredibly competitive, Tim has played Rugby at the highest levels - leading teams across what is now the UK professional landscape … and is now putting back into a game, that has given him so much, as Non-Executive Director of the Welsh Rugby Union.

tg-xl.ltd operates in collaboration with other providers, is experienced in supply chain management and sources what you need rather than selling you what we have on the bench. We have the freedom to tailor solutions to your requirements.

Whether you are just starting out, are already big or are still small … whether you are in IT, Media, Education, Retail, Online, Finance or another industry - we can provide advice that will help you Scale-Up, Go Big and provide a brighter future for all your stakeholders.

Our experience ...

Our Experience

Here is some of our recent experience...

CEO & General Manager for Dell EMC UK

Led the UK organisation for Dell EMC in an ongoing transformation to a full end-to-end solution provider that offers our customers the tools to handle their business more effectively.

NCR Director APJ Services (Sydney) S&M / Acting GM India

Regional & multi-country and culture mgt, networking sales, international BD, M&A, services, operations and general management

BBC Resources - Head of Commercial Services

Strategy, restructuring, operational efficiency, SAP implementation, sales mgt

Marlborough College - Head of Business Studies / Marketing Director

People mgt, presentation, brand, demand, segmentation

PriceWaterhouse - Systems Analyst / Consultant / Software Developer

Process optimization, coding, business analytics, data mgt

Toshiba Dealership – Business Equipment Sales Representative

Sales methodology and execution, technology in business

Our Projects

Our Projects

Physiotherapy product innovations:

Productization, supply chain, GTM & financing

Disruptive enterprise banking software:

Productization & GTM

eMail optimisation software:

User Experience and GTM

Secure social media platforms for vertical industries:

GTM, diversification & Internationalisation

Product & manufacturing optimisation design consultancy:

GTM, people plans & expansion focus

C2B Process Automation:

Strategy, Branding, User Experience & Service Models

Payments & market place banking platforms:


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